Easter Sunday

A large rock sealed the entrance of the tomb where Jesus’ body lay. And at the request of Jesus’ enemies, Pilate posted a guard to insure that no one would steal the body, and claim a resurrection had occurred. Three days later, early Sunday morning, a certain devotee of Jesus, a woman by the name of Mary Magdalene from whom Jesus had cast seven demons, went to the tomb to finish preparing Jesus’ body for burial. But when she reached the tomb, the guards were gone, and the tomb was open and empty. Now, understand, a woman’s testimony was considered worthless in those days – and yet – it is a woman who was honored to be the first witness of what is surely the most fantastic of all miracles. (John 20:1-18)

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We have another very special woman to hear from. A woman chosen by God to bring Jesus into this world; chosen to experience the joys of raising him as her son and the sufferings of watching him die; chosen to participate in a miracle. Mary, the mother of Jesus, must have known from the very beginning that a more extraordinary son there has never been. What treasures of memory she cherished in her heart.  

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A betrayal, a mockery of justice, the guilty walks free while the innocent is executed. A missing body that reappears very much alive. Miraculously Jesus enters the world, miraculously he leaves – ascending to heaven several weeks after his resurrection.   

Thirty-three A.D. The most significant point in all of history. The hinge upon which the gates of heaven and hell swing. A mockery of justice? Yes. And yet ... no.

We have already heard from several witnesses. The question remains for us all: “Who is Jesus?”   

And how shall we respond to him?

We leave you with the testimony of Thomas, a disciple of Jesus. He would not believe the reports that Jesus had indeed risen from the dead unless he himself could see and touch him. Jesus graciously gave this man of little faith what he asked for. Upon seeing him Thomas humbly recognized Jesus as none other than Lord and God, and he worshipped him. (John 20:24-29)

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