1) Relationship as the End-Goal of Ministry

Discipleship happens in the context of community. It is in our genuine relationships with others that we encounter Christ and experience His love. The end goal of our ministry is relationship. The purpose of everything we do is to love; love God and love others.

2) Involving the Whole Church

It takes the whole church family to raise a God's child. We believe that parents are called to be the primary disciplers of their children and that the whole church family is called to actively support, equip, and empower the parents in their sacred task of parenting and also to be the secondary "parents" / adults / encouraging and loving community for our youths in their journey of life and of faith. Youth Ministry strives to play a role in creating spaces for these kinds of partnerships within the church.

3) Learning God's Story

Everyone lives in stories; stories that help us make sense out of this world. And there are countless stories out there in the world (and even inside our church and our family) that claim to be the best story for our youths to live in. It is of utmost importance that we teach our youths the true and most loving story of God, the gospel story, the story of God's grand plan of creating, saving, and completing humanity and all creation, so that they can live their lives according to God's perfect plan.

4) Youth Doing Justice

God is on his Mission (sending). He created the world to be his temple where he dwells and humanity to manage his creation for his glory according to his character by promoting justice, peace, flourishing, care, worship, and love. Adam (humans) failed that mission, so God sent Jesus to rescue and restore us into true humans following Jesus himself as the first True Adam. Now, empowered by the Holy Spirit who was also sent by God and thereby united with Christ, we the church are sent into the world to join God in His Mission.

God is on his mission of restoring all creation into shalom. Our youths are no exceptions. NACC Youth is joining God in his mission and is doing justice in our own contexts of family, school, neighbourhood, city, Canada, and the world.


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