Striving to Do Justice

We at Nelson Ave, in keeping with our vision of striving to do justice, seek to exemplify concern for our environment and people through the following initiatives and actions.

Creation Care and the Environment

  • Climate Change Awareness 
  • Building Energy Use awareness and mitigation
  • Encouraging Alternative (Low-carbon) Transportation
  • Encouraging Community Gardening

Environment Concerns, Recycling and Waste Reduction 

  • Composting
  • Reducing waste material
  • Using digital/online documents
  • Using non-disposable cups, dishes, cutlery
  • Recycling metal, glass, paper

Support for A Rocha Canada and their mission

Care for People

  • Fairtrade/Direct Trade Coffee and Tea
  • Refugee Support 
  • Disability Concerns 
  • Safe Church Policy 
  • Meals Program 
  • Indigenous Community Concerns
  • Visitation Program 
  • Poverty Concerns 

The Work of the Deacons

The cause of Justice is for all members of the church and the deacons have a role as servant leaders. “The deacons shall represent and administer the justice and mercy of Christ to all people, especially to those who belong to the community of believers, and shall stimulate the members of Christ’s church to faithful, obedient stewardship of their resources on behalf of the needy—all with words of biblical encouragement and testimony which assure the unity of word and deed.” Further information on the responsibilities of deacons can be found at


Justice Initiatives Supported by NACC