READ: Discussion Questions

What Does God Look Like?

  1. How would you answer the question “What is God like?
  2. In what ways has God shown his character through Jesus in your life? 
  3. Take a moment of silence. Then ask yourself “Looking at God and Jesus’ character traits, are there any that you feel called to focus on in the months ahead?” If you feel led, share your answer with the group or someone else you trust. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you come up with a plan that you can share with someone for accountability.


Jesus Barabas or Jesus Christ

  1.  Vander Zee says that the choice between Jesus Barabbas and Jesus Christ remains true today. In what areas of society, church and your personal life do you see these choices? Give some examples looking for more subtle ways these choices exist.
  2. Based on your reflection/discussion, what area(s) could the Holy Spirit be pointing to that might require a different response from you? Share with your group or another trusted person.


Frederick Bucchner - Messiah

  1. By the time of Jesus’ birth, what kind of Messiah were the Jews looking for? 
  2. Why did the Jews not recognize Jesus?
  3. What kind of Messiah(s) is our society waiting for? In what ways does our culture and church not recognize Jesus? In what ways do you not recognize Jesus? If comfortable, share with your group or a trusted individual and then spend time praying together.
  4. Beuchner uses the phrase “Save us from whatever we need saving from”. Spend some time in honest prayer with God, asking him to save you from whatever you need saving from. Invite the Holy Spirit to show you those areas.


Meet the Surprisingly Real Jesus in the Pages of the Gospel

  1. How do you understand the difference between knowing about Jesus and knowing Jesus? Consider sharing a story from your life that shows the difference knowing Jesus has made for you.
  2. The Belgic Confession, one of the Confessions of the Christian Reformed Church, explains both the Deity of Christ in Article 10 and The Incarnation or humanity of Christ in Article 18. What does knowing that Jesus was a human being mean for your life? In what ways does it help your relationship with Jesus?
  3. Consider sharing a story of how the humanity of Jesus impacted your life.


LISTEN: Discussion Questions

(The first two podcasts may be found on your favourite podcast app.)

The Darrell Johnson Podcast: a 7 part sermon series about who Jesus is. Scroll down until Jesus: The True Human. Other titles: Who the Father Says He Is, Jesus: I Am He; The Stronger Man; The Light; The Bread of Life; The Son of Man.

Simple Put: Episode entitled “Son of Man” a podcast by Ligonier Ministry

Jesus Christ Is . . . (24:58) CRCNA  audio production “Ground Works”. This is the first in a 7 - part series based on John 1. The series explores the identity and character of Jesus and what we can learn about being Jesus’ disciples.

More Unexpected Jesus (25:04)

  1. How have you experienced Jesus showing up unexpectedly in your life?
  2. In what ways have you witnessed Jesus showing up in the world?
  3. If you have one, share a story of how you have seen or experienced Jesus’ presence in your life of the life (lives) of others.

Quincy Brown - Is Jesus In Your Boat (31:25)

  1. In the midst of the live's storms, it can be difficult to remember and trust that Jesus is in the boat with us? What are some Bible passages that have helped you in your storms. Consider sharing why those passages are meaningful?
  2. Consider sharing a story of when Jesus was present in your boat in the middle of a storm? 
  3. During times when you felt Jesus was with you or even times when you didn’t, what did you learn from those experiences about who Jesus is?


Jesus, the Word of God (21:44) Reframe Media, Scott Hoeze and Dave Bast, June 14, 2013. Based on John 1: 1 - 5 and Isaiah 55:1-3, 10-11