JUNE 25: CELEBRATION! We will be ending our Psalms sermon series by sharing our favourite Psalm or verse. Alternatively, you can share about something you learned from the Psalms series or from reading through the Psalms these last few months.


JUNE 4: Read and reflect on the prayer of confession you were given. Ask the Holy Spirit about things in your life you need to repent of. Parents, the children will be joining us, so take this opportunity to talk to them about confession of sin also.


MAY 21: When was a time that you felt God abandoned you? What words or images would you use to describe that time?


MAY 14: Waiting for God: When have you waited for God? Why do/did you wait for God?


MAY 7: Reflect on things that you are thankful for this week and give thanks to God. 


APRIL 28: Read and reflect on Psalm 107. How or when has God rescured you?


APRIL 23: Notice God in creation. Where do you see God in creation? How does God speak to you in creation? Write a sentence, draw or take a photograph and bring it to church next week to share with another person.