March 2016 Mexico Mission Team Update

Here is a brief update on this year’s Mexico Mission Team:

Team Members (11 adults and 6 youth): Harriette, Larry, Zaiyou, Weisong, Joy, Grace K, Brian, Kathryn, Doug, Jan R, Isaac, Nikki, John S, Seth, Wayne, Blaine, Kenneth

Dates: March 13-19, 2016 (the team leaves 9 weeks from today!)

Ministry Location: Ensenada, Mexico—a city of about 500,000; approx. 100 km south of Tijuana, right on the Pacific Ocean.

Mission Partner Organization: like last year the team will be working with Yugo Ministries []

Monthly Meetings: the team meets once a month on a Saturday morning for training, prayer and team building.

 Let’s continue to pray for the team as they make preparations to go.

A word of thanks to Nelson Ave for all of your support of the Mission Team expressed in so many ways!