Loving God. Loving Others. Doing Justice.
Revive & Regeneration

At NACC Youth we hope to provide a safe place to explore questions like “Who am I?” “Where do I fit?” and “What difference do I make?” Our deep hope is that youth will grow in love, faith, and competence, as we have fun, learn, and serve together. 


Revive (grades 6-8) aims to bridge the gap between Children’s Church and senior youth, opening up the scope of Bible study and beginning the process of critical thinking as we explore the Bible’s teaching about God and discover our unique personalities and gifts. Revive meets 1-2 Sundays per month during the sermon, some Sunday afternoons, and 1-2 Friday evenings per month.

Regeneration (grades 9-12) aims to give high school students the space, discipleship, and community to begin owning what they believe, even as they start to differentiate from their parents. They will have the opportunity to learn, question, and test what they’ve been taught, comparing and contrasting it to what else the world has to offer, while being equipped to engage the wider culture from a Christian, Biblical worldview. Regeneration meets every weekend, usually on Friday or Saturday evenings and some Sunday afternoons.


During the school year, NACC Youth generally tries to have an event once per week for each of Revive & Regeneration. The groups may do events together a couple times per month, and meet separately the rest of the time. The types of events planned are chose in an attempt to balance these three goals: fun, learning, and serving.

United Faith

In partnership with New Westminster CRC, we gather monthly with other local church youth groups to worship, play games, and do the Alpha youth video series.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Dec 17th: Christmas Party (games & food!)

For more information, please contact Geneviève (youth director) at gmiedema@nacchurch.org

2022-23 Theme
for all NACC ministries

We value the God-given gifts of every person and continue to strive to be a safe place where all people are welcomed into an authentic community of believers.