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Join us this season for our "What We Believe" fall focus. Here is what is going on:
  1. Sunday Mornings—we encourage you to join us every Sunday morning as we look at various basic teachings of the Christian faith. Please join us!
  2. Children's & Youth Ministries—we are thankful the children and youth of our church family are joining our fall focus.
  3. Recommended Resources: because we cannot cover everything on Sunday morning nor in our small groups, we will be recommending various resources for those who wish to engage in further study and reflection (either on your own or with others).
  4. Daily Email: a short reading from a Christian creed or confession sent out via email. Begins Monday, September 11. If not interested, you can unsubscribe.
  5. Small Groups: we encourage each small group to engage in a study of basic Christian beliefs. This coming week will be Small Group Focus Sunday!