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Dear Sponsoring Churches and Friends,

I just want to take a few minutes, now that the dust has settled, and the kids have gone back to Zambia, to thank you for making it an amazing, awesome, wonderful choir tour.  Thank you for your hospitality, warm welcome, hosting events in your individual churches, and for your love for our kids and this ministry.   Many of you provided lunches, dinners, snacks, and outings.  Every evening we were blessed to hear how awestruck the kids were.  They got to do so many firsts like ride a roller coaster at West Edmonton Mall, skate at Grouse Mountain, ski at Hemlock, watch a live NHL game (and yes, the Canucks won!) just to name a few. 

It never ceased to amaze me during our daily devotions with the kids to hear their impressions of the experiences they had that day…  things that we take for granted.  They saw God’s hand in everything.  For example, Tami (our child sponsorship co-ordinator) asked one of the boys what his favourite day was.   He told her it was the ski day; the snow.  She asked, “why?”, thinking he was going to say some like “it is cold or wet” or something like that but he said that it reminded him of Isaiah 1:18 where it says God takes our sins and makes us white as snow!  What great insight!

From the time the Grace2Canada kids boarded the plane to come to Canada, they experienced one new amazing thing after another.  Thank you for making it possible for our kids to come here.

With gratitude,

John Chalkias
Executive Director
Seeds of Hope Children's Ministry
Sowing life, love and laughter