Marion Ottevangers
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The spiritual practice we will be focusing on in November and December is GENEROSITY. 

Being generous is the act of giving more than strictly necessary. Generosity is considered a good thing by everyone, but for Christians it is more than that. For Christians, being generous is one way we can exhibit Christ-like behaviour. The many acts of God throughout the Bible indicate that generosity is part of His nature. He generously provided a child for Abraham and Sarah and generously gave a bounty of land to the Israelites. Through Jesus’ generosity, he gave food to feed over 5,000 people, gave his time to congregate with marginalized people, and ultimately gave his life for the benefit of all. Today the Holy Spirit inspires Christians everywhere to continue going above and beyond what is necessary and give generously to every people and every nation. 

This week we aren’t asking on you to think about how you can be more generous or suggesting actions you can take to practice generosity. Rather, we ask you to reflect on how generous you already have been. Have you given any financial gifts recently? Have you donated food, clothing, furniture, or other items? Perhaps you have you have volunteered your time. Maybe you have been generously patient or generously kind towards someone who may not have deserved it. We are often more generous than we give ourselves credit for! Remember, generosity is giving more than strictly necessary, so many of the actions you might consider “standard” for yourself count too. These generous acts count whether they are for friends, family, coworkers, the church community Be generous with yourself.