Andrew Lee
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We had a great start of this small group for parents last Wednesday. We shared our hopes and fears for the small group as well as our parenting journey so far briefly. We're reading/listening to Parenting Beyond Your Capacity: Connect Your Family to a Wider Community together, and the book is very interesting and helpful. Here are Andrew's recording of Introduction and Chapter 1, please feel free to have a listen.
We invite a couple more parents to join this great opportunity, regardless of the age of your children. This small group aims to be a safe space for parents to come and share your own journey of parenting instead of another list of things to do or feel guilty about. You'll find comfort and encouragement as well as wisdom and empowerment. We meet every Wednesday at 8pm for 8 more weeks. Please let Andrew Lee know at [email protected] or 778-927-1132. Thank you!