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September 22, 2019
Exodus 1:1-10, 40:34-38
“Freedom From, Freedom For”

1. Freedom!...: Book Of Exodus [New Sermon Series]

2. Various movies based on Exodus
• The 10 Commandments (1956)
• The Prince of Egypt (1998)
• Of Gods And Kings (2014)

3. Exodus: Reading A Chapter Per Week

4. 3 Churches Together

5. What is the “big picture” of Exodus?

Reading: Exodus 1:1-10; Exodus 40:34-38

6. What Does “Freedom” mean to you?

“Having the ability to choose without constraints”

“My freedom comes from God’s love. It’s from God that my nature can reach its full fruition and best outcome”

“To live within the grace fully supported by the word of truth and not according to our own wisdom or desires”

“The ability to choose…but the goodness of choice requires self-imposed restrictions—unfettered freedom seems harmful.”
“Freedom is not the absence of limitations and constraints
but it is finding the right ones
those that fit our nature and liberate us” [Tim Keller]

7. “Exodus: Journey To Freedom “
• Exodus is about
o Liberation
o Salvation
o Deliverance
o Redemption
o Freedom

8. “Echoes Of Exodus”
• The basic 3-part pattern of “Exodus”:
1. Oppression: There is some kind of oppression, slavery
2. Deliverance / Escape: There is a deliverance / escape of some kind, often involving water
3. New Reality/ Land: Then there is a new reality, people end up in a new land

• The Flood Story is a kind of Exodus story
1. Oppression: There is wickedness in the earth, God is going to judge the people of the earth
2. Deliverance: Noah and his family are spared the judgment through an ark when the waters of judgment come
3. New Land: After the deliverance from the waters Noah and his family become the first inhabitants of a “new world” with a renewed covenant from God to them and all of creation

• New Testament way of talking about salvation through Jesus Christ:
1. Slavery: We were slaves.  We were slaves to sin, death, fear, the flesh, and the Devil.
2. Deliverance: But at just the right time [“in the fullness of time”—Galatians 4], God rescued us.
i. He defeated our enemy and redeemed us through the blood of his Son, taking us through the waters of baptism, uniting us to himself, giving us his Spirit to lead us and guide us, and providing us with all we need…
3. New Land: And he is taking us on toward a new creation of resurrection and victory, milk and honey. In other words: Paul’s gospel is an exodus.

9. “Let My People Go!”

10. Exodus: 2 Main Parts
i. Egypt (chapters 1-18)
ii. Mt Sinai (chapters 19-40)

11. (True) Freedom is always: freedom from and freedom for
• That true freedom is always 2-sided:
o Freedom from…slavery, fear, sin, the Evil One, etc.
o Freedom for…God, God’s purpose, a new life

12. Object Lesson…

13. “To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said,
“If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples.
Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:31-32)

14. Exodus: Freedom!
i. Know the story

ii. Meet Jesus Himself in the story

iii. Hear the message of freedom

iv. Freedom songs

v. Experiencing freedom…