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Beginning on May 5, 2024, everyone connected with the Christian Reformed Church in North America is invited to join together in prayer and intercession for Synod 2024.

SYNOD is the yearly bi-national gathering of representatives from each Classis (regional group of churches) who come together to make decisions regarding matters that impact the denomination. Synod 2024 is coming up soon, June 14th to be precise. This meeting will bring both good discussions and difficult moments.

“In prayer, we humbly come before the God of the church, and pray that the Father’s will would be done,” said Jon Hoekema, the CRCNA’s prayer shepherd. “It is before God’s throne that we realize that Jesus is head of the church, and together we belong to him. It is through prayer that the Holy Spirit mysteriously works. Without humbly seeking God’s face, without prayer, we work on in our own strength, rather than being completely dependent upon the Triune God to lead the church.”

JOIN US TODAY to sign up you can go to Synod 2024 Prayer Support and click on 40 Days of Prayer where you will find the link to sign up for either daily emails or a weekly email.