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God of the poor, Friend of the weak
Give us compassion we pray
Melt our cold hearts, Let tears fall like rain
Come, change our love, From a spark to a flame."
- A prayer in the words of Graham Kendrick

Canada has announced a ban on the manufacture and import of named single use plastics to take effect next December.

Lord of all, even our inventiveness,

We created a product that is causing more damage than good and now we are trying to reign it in.  Help us to continue to change our collective patterns of consumption and waste. And when this change impacts our daily life at the grocery stores or take out places, may we remember the bigger story we belong to – that this world belongs to you.  

Heat Waves

Record shattering heat waves in the Midwest, in parts of Canada and in Europe are being experienced, with warnings and emergency measure being announced in multiple places.  

Lord of the heaven, even as we acknowledge that these heatwaves were predicted as consequences of a warming climate, we ask for mercy.  Help communities to continue to care for one another and the most vulnerable, providing water and shelter from the heat.  Call to mind people to check in on and protect the lives of the very young and very old in the places experiencing this heat. Lord have mercy on us.


June 21st is the date of the annual National Indigenous People's Day in Canada.  

For our settler community: We pray that there would be continued honor, respect, repentance, and value given towards Indigenous peoples in all communities.

And for our Indigenous community:  We pray that this year is a time of joy and reconnection with family and friends.  We pray that this year is a time of celebration and honoring. 

And we pray that the mercy of Jesus would be restoring us all, transforming us to be a body in His image.