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On Easter Sunday we raised $1,834.40 in support of World Renew's livestock multiplication program! Animals act as live “piggy banks” for a family—livestock are an asset they can sell to pay for an unexpected trip to the medical clinic or to buy food during times of drought. Calves and goats are part of World Renew’s livestock multiplication program. Here’s how it works:


A few families in each community are given a calf or goat kid. When the mature animal produces offspring, recipients keep one young animal and give the remaining calves and goat kids to other needy households in the community. In this way, each livestock gift multiplies and blesses many individuals and families.

♦ A donation of $40 is sufficient to buy a goat, an asset a family can sell in a time of need. Goats also provide milk for a family. Surplus milk can be sold or given to needy families.

♦ A donation of $60 buys a sheep. In Guatemala a sheep provides wool, meat, and manure for the farm.

♦ A donation of $90 buys a calf. Calves are raised in Bangladesh to provide milk to drink or to sell for extra income.


Thank you so much for your generosity. With this money more than 40 families are blessed!