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As our province begins to relax some of the current pandemic restrictions we are thinking about the use of our church building by leaders and ministries.
If you are considering the use of the church building we pass along to you the following protocols to you. As more restrictions can relaxed in the future we hope to have updated protocols.
The following has had input from our Daycare community.

Re-Entry Into Church Building For Staff, Leaders And Ministries

  • The following is our attempt to give some suggestions and protocols for individuals and ministries who may use the church. We recognize the more people who come into the building the more we increase the risk of coming in contact with this virus. We want to limit of virus spread for ourselves, our wider community and especially our Daycare community. 
  • At this point we continue to encourage members and ministries the use of Zoom (or other means) for meetings, events, etc.
  • If a leader or ministry needs or would like to use the building we recommend the following protocols in order to mitigate the spread of virus:
  1. While in the building physical distancing of at least 6 feet is to be observed at all times.
  2. At this time, no more than 10 people in the building at a time
  3. Daycare spaces (including upstairs kitchen) are not be used or entered at all.
  4. For the time being, we ask all ministries / staff use the lower level (except for possible use the sanctuary for Zoom / livestream services).
  5. If planning to use the building please book your meeting / event with Judy [[email protected]] to ensure we do not have multiple ministries using the church at the same time. Individuals [staff, leaders] using the building should log use of their time in the building.
  6. For groups using the church, the use of masks are optional but strongly recommended.
  7. For the sake of love and care for others, we caution at risk people [seniors, immune compromised, etc.] to not use the church building at this time.
  8. Specific protocols will be given to the worship leaders and worship team members. Mximum of 10 people in the building / sanctuary.
  9. Before using facility please ensure you know where the cleaning/sanitizing station [with wipes, hand sanitizer, masks, etc.] is located.
  10. Extremely important: Everyone who enters either washes hands upon arrival or uses hand sanitizer.
  11. Most important: each person / ministry using the building needs to ensure the cleaning/sanitizing of the areas used after each gathering (kitchen, washrooms etc.). Guidelines for cleaning / sanitizing will be given and cleaning kits available.