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Every week more prayer notes are added to the board. This past Sunday, the children from Children’s Church added their names and the name of the school they attend to the board, along with various prayer requests. There are over 20 different schools, from elementary, high school, post secondary, grad school.

What a joy it is to prayer for students and the various schools represented in our church community. And not just for the students, but staff, educational assistance, parents, and grandparents.

Here are some posts, check out the board for more:

  • We need prayers for teachers, students, EA’s, and all the staff at Nestor school (Coquitlam)
  • Thank you for praying for Jason Li at Stoney Creek Community School ( Burnaby) and Kevin Li at University of Toronto for a successful year.
  • Pray for safe drive for us (mom) a new driver in Canada!
  • That all children and teens would be confident about who God created them to be, as His children.

Please continue to add to the prayer board, and to pray for the items on the board.