Angela  Elliott
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Alpha is a small group experience for a conversation about faith, life and God. It is for all ages and all stages of faith. This 15 week course includes: FOOD, VIDEO (introducing the topic), and DISCUSSION.

Questions Discussed:  

  • Is there more to life than this ?      
  • Who is Jesus ?      
  • Why did he die ?      
  • How can I have faith ?      
  • Why and how do I pray ?      
  • Why and how do I read the Bible ?      
  • Who is the Holy Spirit ?      
  • What does the Holy Spirit do ?      
  • How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit ?      
  • How can I make the most of the rest of my life ?      
  • How can I resist evil ?      
  • Why and how should I tell others ?      
  • Does God heal today ?      
  • What about the Church        

If you are interested or have more questions please contact PASTOR ANGELA at [email protected].