Andrew Lee
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Youth Ministry Open House Summary

On April 11, many people joined our Youth Ministry Open House, and we had a very fruitful time of sharing and listening to each other and discerning God's will together!

If you weren't available to join the open house, please take time to watch the summary video:

Summary video of the Youth Ministry Open House on April 11, 2021

Below is the Jamboard on which participants shared their thoughts and ideas. Please click on the image to access the Jamboard and share your ideas as well!


Also, please click on "Intergenerational Faith Web" exercise sheet. I strongly encourage you to use the Faith Web to think of one or two youths in our church you could start thinking about reaching out to and invest your time and energy for their journey of faith.


I'd like to pray and discern our next steps together. I invite you to join God in his work among our youths in various ways; continuing the same for some things and trying out new and fresh involvements for others!

Would you pray with me? Let us follow God faithfully together. I believe God has amazing plans for our youths beyond our imaginations!