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“To live is Christ; to die is gain.” 

These words do trouble me. 

A life of poverty and pain, 

From this I’d rather flee.  


But rambling on the forest trail 

Sweet birdsong brims my mind. 

It helps me pierce the sacred veil. 

A trait of Christ is chimed.  


His kindness, grace and brilliancy 

Blazes through creation. 

It shows to me his majesty, 

Loving in lush fashion.  


This leads me on to His great Word 

Of promises so filled. 

And reading them my heart is stirred. 

My dread is swiftly stilled.  


“If you will follow all my ways 

And praise me as you ought, 

I will be with you all your days 

Fear not, fear not, fear not.  


My strength is yours in trials great. 

My peace will pain repel. 

My love will blossom o’er your hate. 

My wealth your needs will quell.  


Deny yourself and look to me, 

The only way to thrive. 

Renouncing ease will set you free 

And death you will survive.  


For on that day you will see me 

My dying guarantees. 

With all the saints you’ll joyful be 

For all eternity.”