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After Pentecost Sunday (Mayi 20) I hope to start a new series of messages.

These messages will seek to combine 2 elements:

1. A study of the books of 1 & 2 Peter (2 great little books / letters in the Bible!)

2. Answering questions that unchurched familly, friends, neighbours, colleauges, etc. have regarding faith, religion, spirituality, the Bible and the Christian faith.

My hope to use the books of 1 & 2 Peter to answer the questions people have.

One reason for these messages is to make a connection between (1) the Bible and (2) our culture, (1) the church and (2) the world, those (1) "inside" the church and those (2) "outside" the church.

Another reason for doing a series like this is to take seriously the questions of people in our culture. Part of the church's task in our contemporary culture is to be a community that pays attention and listens to others. A listening posture is a posture of love.

I have been collecting a few questions already. Some of them include:

1. Why is the church full of hypocrites?

2. Why do children suffer (disease, disabilities, etc.)

3. Is God anti-gay?

4. How are you so sure God isn't a woman?

5. Are people who attend church regularly more Christian than those that don’t? 

And the list goes on...

If you have a question or 2 to add to the series or know of someone you can ask for a question, please forward it to me:

We would love to include as many questions as we can during this upcoming series.