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Sunday mornings are really important for our church community. And to be fulled engaged in the worship service takes effort and being intentional. So, what can we do to be better prepared for Sunday mornings?

A suggest 3 basic things

1. Sleep Well: this is arguably the most important thing that we can do. I realize that Saturday night is part of our “beloved weekend.” For many, this is “party night.” But in order for us to be well prepared–physically, emotionally and spiritually–we need good rest.

2. Pray: pray for all kinds of people and things. Here is a short list of things to pray for:

  • That the Holy Spirit would awaken your heart to true worship in God in all of its forms: song, prayer, reading, hearing, responding, participating in the sacraments, fellowship with others, etc. 
  • That Jesus Christ would be exalted and praised
  • That visitors and guests would be welcomed
  • That the preacher / pastor would preach the Word effectively and faithfully
  • That the worship leader / team would be humble
  • That the whole church would be built up and encouraged

3. Read: reading God’s Word during the week as well as the specific passage that the pastor will be preaching on that particular Sunday is the best way to prepare to hear God’s Word on Sunday mornings.

So, in short: Sleep, Pray and Read. Let’s commit to doing that together.