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I am writing a series on the practicalness (is that even a word?) of the Christian faith.

I want to think of a number of ways that the Christian faith makes a real and authentic practical impact in our lives.

Very concretely, what does faith in Jesus the Christ "cause" or 'empower" or "inspire" or "enable" us to do?

The Place To Start

The place to start is to consider that thing that leads to "practical Christianity." What do we need before we can do the things that God commands and calls us to do? What do we need in order to do the practical and everyday deeds of the Christian faith?

Faith. Faith is the means by which we believe the promises of God in the gospel of Jesus Christ but it is also the means by which we turn to our lives and conduct our lives in a way that confirms to this gospel.

Thus faith is not the same thing are "works" but it is a necessary condition for "works" and "deeds" and "practicalness."

So this is a place to begin. In order to the make the Christian faith practical we must put our faith and trust in Jesus as the Christ.