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Dear Nelson Avenue Family,

In addition to reading and meditating on scripture, prayer is an important part of Lenten spiritual practices. Last week I suggested using the TODAY devotional or another one you might prefer.

This week I would like to introduce you to a prayer guide entitled "Seeking God's Ways". Each Friday you will receive an email with a 2-page prayer guide for the coming week. Since there are many options, use the ones that work best for you or your family/household.

This Prayer Guide uses the form of prayer called contemplative prayer. This type of prayer invites us to notice how God's spirit is moving within our everyday life experiences, through listening, pondering, wondering and the use of objects. You will find further instructions in the Participant's Guide. 

From the Opening Reflection:

As we begin this journey together:

Consider: Are you entering this new journey with a backpack full of current concerns and preoccupations? What can you remove so that you have time and space to receive new experiences, new insights and new direction in your life? What are the unspoken fears that linger? What will you take as sustenance for this soul journey? How will you create quiet and solitude in your prayer space? Can you open yourself to trust where a new journey may be beckoning?

Prayer: Loving God we enter this journey asking that you calm our anxiousness and increase our peace. We rest in the assurance from Ps 121. He guards your leaving, and your coming back, now and for always. With the compass of your Word, we walk knowing that you surround us with your presence as we begin our Lenten Guided Prayer journey. Amen

May God be our guide as we journey to the Cross of Calvary.

God's blessings to you,

Pastor Angela