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HOSPITALITY is the act of making space for guests, visitors or strangers, and extending to them the privileges of family. (

What would it look like if you, a group or your household were to open your lives and perhaps your home to people you know or to strangers so that each person being welcomed feels like they are family? How could you let others know that they have the same privileges as a family member.

Participate in the HOSPITALITY CHALLENGE and share ideas with others. Between now and January 31st, carry out one act of hospitality (as COVID 19 permits). Let Pastor Angela know what you did and you will be entered into a draw for a Tim Horton's card.  Stories of things that you did will also be shared in a Sunday service and in the e-news or bulletin.

For practical ideas and to learn more about the Spiritual Practice of Hospitality here are several links:

Check out the CRCNA Faith Formation Ministry's Faith Practices - Hospitality site and you will see towards the bottom of the page Practicing Hospitality Individually, Practicing Hospitality with a Group and Practicing Hospitality as a Family (or Household). Each section has ideas, questtions for reflection and links to resource pages that will help you understand and commit to doing act of hospitality.

Two other resources targetting children and families are 5 Ways to Practice Hospitality With Kids and 6 Practical Ways Children Can Help With Hospitality.

Final for a list of good articles, books, videos etc you can check out the CRCNA Faith Formation's Hospitality: Resources Page