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September is almost here! For some of this these words are full of terror. For others of us these words bring excitement and anticipation.

I am going to focus on the "excitment and anticipation" as we begin a new ministry year together as a church community.

Here are some thoughts I sent out earlier this week to church leaders, anticipating God's work among us this coming fall and ministry year:

"As the Father sent me, so I am sending you!" (John 20:21).

 As we start getting ready for the new ministry year I wanted to bring you up to speed on a few things going on this fall.

 1.   Fall Sermon Series: we are going to spend most of the Sundays this fall (September-November) in the book of Acts. We will focus on the church being a “sent” church, with a “missional calling” and then explore what that missional calling looks like as we are "sent" into our surrounding communities. I hope this sermon series will encourage us to be a “missional people” in the communities in which we live.

 2.   Small Group Curriculum: in conjunction with our sermon series we encourage people into small group in order to participate in a study based on John 20:19-23—another Bible passage calling us to be a “sent / missional” people.

 3.   Small Group Leaders are needed for the fall season. If able to help, please contact either Gen-Gen or Renata.

 4.  Kick-Off Sunday is scheduled for September 9. Following the morning worship service will be enjoy food, games and connection together. The Korean Foursquare Church as well as the Canaan Life Spring Church will be joining us for this event!

5. I invite you to join me and Pastor Brad Brates from Willingdon Church (and hopefully other churches) on Friday evening, September 14 (7:15pm) for a Metrotown Prayer Walk. The plan is to meet at the "One Love" Skateboard Shop (4845 Imperial Street) and go from there in smaller groups.

6. Jeremy Benjamin is on tour across Canada. We will be hosting Jeremy and his team on Sunday, October 7 (Thanksgiving weekend). Jeremy will lead worship during the morning service and then will lead a concert at Nelson Ave in the evening (7pm). We will be encouraging members of the church to learn Q&A 1 from the Heidelberg Catechism and learn Jeremy's song based on this Q&A. More information on Jeremy's tour and song can be found here and here:

7. Journey Canada will be offering a short 6-week 101 course on Tuesday evenings (starting October 16) at Nelson Ave. I took this course this past spring and have benefited greatly from Journey's ministry. It is my hope that we can develop stronger ties with Journey's ministry--I believe it is a ministry much needed for our time and culture. More information about the 101 course can be found here:


8. Go Local!: some of us met last night to hear a presentation about the "Go Local" ministry and initiative from Resonate Global Ministries. We hope to pass along more information about this in the near future. Stay tuned!

May the Spirit of Jesus continue to lead us as we seek to be faithful witnesses in our neighbourhoods, culture and world.

God's peace to each of you.