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The fall is always such a unique time of the year.

And it seems like every fall I am eager to do much and more. I want to commit to everything and do everything.

And then around the beginning of October I realize I have committed to too much and need to balance out my life again.

Even so even though the goals I have will have to be scaled back and are far too audacious let me list a few of them--both personal and ministry-related:

1. To read more--great classic books that I have never yet read.

2. To pray more--every morning, on my knees

3. To read but really know the Word more that I might know Jesus more.

4. To exercise 3 times a week. I am trying to do some jogging this fall. It is slow going but will see what God gives.

5. More joy and gladness. Have some ideas of how to do this but really it is gift from God that I am asking for.

6. Stronger friendships and relationships with the men and guys in my life.

7. Intentional gospel mentoring of younger mne.

8. Better and more effective preaching.

9. More teaching and equipping in the church community, through various venues.

10. More joyful and leisurely family time.

Maybe 10 goals is good for now...

May God give His grace to me this fall and upcoming ministry year!

1 Corinthians 15:9-10!