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This material is intended for either personal or group discussion. Please use the material as best suits your situation.  


·      Welcome

·      Check in—updates, prayer requests, sharing

·      Opening Prayer  

READ: Exodus 3:1-17 [March 20, 2022 Nelson Ave Morning Message]

·      What do you notice about these verses?

·      What questions do you have about these verses?

·      What do you sense is the tone of this passage?  

VIDEO: Watch: “Exodus 1-18” (Bible Project)  

·      What comments do you have about this video?

·      How does this video help you put the above reading (Exodus 3:1-17) into context?

·      How does this video help you understand the main theme(s) of the first half of the book of Exodus (chapters 1-18)?  

QUESTIONS [Exodus 3:1-17]

·      What does Mt. Sinai represent in this passage, the book of Exodus and in the Bible in general?

·      Why is the burning bush so fascinating? What do you think it represents to Moses and to us as readers?

·      Is “the angel of the Lord” (3:2) the same as (or to be identified with) “God” (3:4)?

·      Why is Moses so reluctant to do what God calls him to do? (see 3:11; 3:13; 4:1; 4:10; 4:13)?  Can you relate to this reluctance on the part of Moses?

·      What does God’s name (“I am who I am”) mean to you? Where else do we hear reference to this name in the Bible’s Story?

·      What does God’s name (“The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob”—verses 5,15,16) mean to you?

·      When you think about the stories of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (and their families) in the book of Genesis what do we learn about the “I am who I am”? What kind of God is this? (be as specific as you can by thinking about specific stories and interactions from the book of Genesis)?

·      What do you think we are called to know about God, about Moses and about ourselves from this passage?

·      Do you have any final comments or questions?