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This material is intended for either personal or group discussion. Please use the material as best suits your situation.


· Welcome

· Check in—how is everyone doing?

· Opening Prayer

READ: 2 Corinthians 8:1-15 [February 6, 2022 Nelson Ave morning message based on this passage]

· What do you notice about these verses?

· What surprises you about these verses?

· What do you sense is the tone of this passage?

· What do you notice about the flow of the argument?

· What questions do you have about these verses?

· Any other comments on these verses?

VIDEO [see below]:

· As you watch the video follow the prompts and answer the following questions:

1. What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word “money”?

2. How much do you talk about money with others?

3. How much should we be encouraged to talk about money with others?

4. Why do you think Jesus talked so much about money? If you have time, check out the following passages from the Gospel of Luke:

§ Luke 11:42

§ Luke 12:15-21

§ Luke 12:22-34

§ Luke 16:10-15

§ Luke 16:19-31

§ Luke 18:18-30

§ Luke 19:1-10

§ Luke 21:1-4

5. What does it mean to be rich?

6. Should followers of Jesus want to be rich?

7. What is some good advice you have received about money?


· Any final comments about above Bible passage, the videos, the questions or the topic of money?

· Next time we will be looking at the following passage: Luke 12:13-21

· Concluding prayer

· Dismissal