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DO JUSTICE” is the last part of our Mission Statement. Prayer is an important part of carrying on the work of justice. Each week there will be suggestions of what to pray for and sometimes prayers to pray. These suggestions come from the weekly “Do Justice” blog put out by the Christian Reformed Center for Public Dialogues (Canada) and the Office of Social Justice (CRCNA).

Here are Prayer Requests for this week:

VACCINE APPARTHEID 75% of all vaccines have been given in only 10 countries around the world. There is a “scandalous inequity” about vaccine distribution that the World Health Organization is calling for action on. 

For this we continue to pray:

Father, you created us and created our capacity to invent and imagine solutions. We pray for the companies that create the vaccine and the wealthiest countries who have procured more than they need to generously distribute this vaccine in their country. We pray for transparency and good will to guide the process of equal distribution no matter how wealthy a country might be. We pray that we might be strong and determined voices calling on the Canadian Government to lead the way in generosity and establishing equity throughout the world.


WILDFIRES AND HURRICANE SEASON PROJECTED TO BE WORSE THIS YEAR. Multiple reports of more damaging summer weather projections from wildfires in the west to hurricanes in the east, to faster than ever melt in the north, are being given by experts in fields of ecological and disaster management. The interconnection of climate change, and the health of communities so deeply affected by weather is increasingly obvious and with serious results. Let us pray as we enter these seasons and make decisions on how to respond.