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It is almost 2 years since I last wrote something for the "Pastor's Blog." Since that time this blog has been dormant, dead.

But I am going to try to revive it, renew it...a kind of resurrection.

Can I try again? Can I start over?

"Can I try again?" is really a way of understanding the Christian life. Because of Jesus, God continually allows us to "try again," to "give it another go."

But this "trying again" is never an obligation. I have come to experience it as an invitation. 

God is always inviting me to pray again. to love again, to read His Word again, to seek to love Him with all that I am again, to love my neighbour again...

And it is never an invitation to do all of this on my own but always God gives grace and help and strenght by His Spirit. What good news!

I am never left alone to "try again" all on my own. Jesus who promised to "never leave me or forsake me" does not leave me alone in these moments of "staring over." He always gives grace, He always give help, He always gives hope.

So let me try again (the blog, my prayer life, loving others, etc.) with the strength and energy God's grant by His Spirit.