Johannes Schouten
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It has been amost 4 weeks since I returned from my trip to Brazil. The time is (again) flying by!

Although only a week in length, the trip felt much more significant and much fuller than just one week of my life.

And as I think about the trip there is much I could talk about: the country, the land, the food, the soccer rivalries, etc.

But the one thing that really impacted me during the trip was the people!:

1. The couple [parents of a member of our church] were so gracious and hospitable to me. I was treated like a king and was throughly thankful for their willingness to take me into their home.

2 Fellow believers: it was so good to met fellow believers at the 4th Presbyterian Church in Belo Horizonte. What a treat to meet Christian believers in others part of the world and find out that it is really true: we really do worship and service the same Christ, we do really sing to and praise the same God, we are really empowerd by the same Spirit. Amazing!

3. Pastor Cassio: I often feel a special affinity with pastors I meet. I am thankful for the time the pastor of the 4th Presbyterian church spent with me--showing me around and telling me about the ministry of their church. A wonderful and deeply wholistic ministry. So encouraging and inspiriing to see.

So I thank God for a chance to travel. I thank God for a chance to see Brazil. I thank God for all I experienced. I thank, especially, for the people I met and the people who made my trip so memorable.