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For at least the last couple of years now the Sr. Youth grouip (grades 8-12) has used the word "Regeneration" as the name for their group. I am sometimes reprimended by some high schools who tell me: "We are not Sr. Youth. We are Regeneration."

This past Sunday we are informed (and the news was received with a good measure of joy and excitemenet in the service!) that the new name for the Jr. Youth (grades 6-7) group is "Re:Vive." This sounds like a great name for this group.

Since yesterday I have been reflecting on these 2 words.

"Regeneration" means something like "renewal or revival." In theological language we use the word regeneration to speak of how the Holy Spirit "regenerates" (or awakenes, makes alive!) our hearts so we can respond in faith to Jesus Christ.

"Revive" is similar to "regeneration." "Revive" means to "regain life, consciouness or strength." This word too is a word we could use to talk about the Spirit's work in ouir hearts.

I am wondering if the Youth Ministry (both the Sr. Youth and Jr. Youth) are trying to tell us something about what God needs to do among us at Nelson Ave? Are we in need of a season of regeneration and revival? Are we about to enter such a season? Are the youth themselves longing for spiritual renewal? Is Jesus Christ, the Leader of the church, telling us of His good plans for us?

I think so.