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This coming Sunday we begin a new series of message called "Questions Our Youth Are Asking."

I thought that with the new sermon series I would try something "completely different" and experiment with a new format for the morning messages.

So, this is what we will try for a few weeks and see how it goes:

1. After I announce the "question for the day" I will give people 2-3 minutes to think / talk about the question either by themselves or with others around.

2. Then we will read a Scripture passage that will help us answer the question.

3. After the reading I will take about 20 minutes to try and address the question and the Scripture passage.

4. After that I will give about 10 minutes for people to ask questions or making comments: either simply saying them from where they are or by texting the message in.

We will see how this new format goes. I hope that it will helpful.