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“do not despise these small beginnings…” (zechariah 4:10) advent 2018  

little bethlehem—you witnessed rachel’s death

     by you she breathed her final breath  

small Bethlehem—in you ruth was brought in

     a story of an outsider becoming kin  

tiny bethlehem—in you king David was born

     to him a forever-king covenant is sworn  

puny bethlehem—in you Messiah has come

     the one for whom our desires drum  

o little bethlehem of the Christmas story

     are you really the town of glory?  

glory yes!, but not because of you

     for you are small, little and tiny of view  

rather glory due to the Son who came near

     so near we can hear the angels cheer

so near we could hear Him cry

     as villagers through streets walk by  

He came not to great town and place

     but came rather to those of meagre race  

He came not to pomp and pageantry

     but comes to bring us into His family  

and so Messiah comes for you and me

     He lays down His glory to set us free  

O small and tiny bethlehem, if He did not despise thee

     then, glory!, He can also be born in me