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Last night I had a date night with 2 of our daughters. A great time.

As we were eating our DQ ice cream I found myself thinking and talking about the future–maybe 10 or more years from now.

If God wills, one day a young men will want to marry one of our daughters. They may come asking to my wife and I for our blessing on their decision to get married.

And I was thinking that there are 2 questions that I would want to ask these young men:

1st question: “Young man, do you think that my daughter is beautiful?” There needs to be a resounding “Yes” from him if he is going to be my vote for future son-in-law. He needs to see both an outer as well as inner beauty in my daughter. Very, very important.

2nd question: “Young man, do you think that Jesus is more beautiful than my daughter?” There also needs to be a resounding “Yes” to this question to secure my vote. The young men who marries our daughters needs to have a faith in Jesus Christ that goes far beyond simple assent and something vaguely “religious” but rather a strong desire for Jesus Christ Himself.

So, although this is an event still well in the future I have my questions ready and now know the kind of young man I want my daughters to marry.  I hope that there will be some young men able to answer my questions.