Creation Care Corner

Creation Care Corner

On Sunday, Give it up for the Earth! campaign postcards and instructions were given out at church. More information can be found here: are extra postcards on the Welcome table if you would still like one. After choosing a way that you will reduce your emissions/practice creation care this Lent, you can put your completed cards in the mail or bring them to church and place them in the basket to be mailed all together to CPJ. From there they will be delivered to Canada’s Minister of the Environment to let our government know the church cares about climate justice and would like them to make just climate policies. 

In his sermon on Sunday, Pastor Jo mentioned Katherine Hayhoean atmospheric scientist and associate professor of political science at Texas Tech University, where she is director of the Climate Science Center. She is also a Christian. Here is a link to short, animated and easy to follow videos she has created addressing many questions and issues around climate change. 


Friendly Challenge:  Take a family walk or enjoy one on your own. Look for signs of spring, even if through the snow, and point out or notice things that amaze you or cause you to wonder. Consider the seasons and reflect on the covenant God has made with all of creation. Enjoy God's handiwork!


Did you know that it takes up to 3 litres of water to make 1 litre of bottled water if you factor in the amount of water needed to make the plastic bottle to contain it? Also,  it is also estimated that bottled water is up to 2,000 times more energy-intensive than tap water according to the Pacific Institute. We are so blessed to live in part of the world that has access to free clean drinking water! Here is a link to a short documentary on the use of bottled water

If you are interested in the water issues our world is facing, here is a link to some other documentaries that might interest you:


You are invited to join the youth Friday, March 2 at 7:00PM, as they watch a short documentary describing the life of the products we consume from beginning to end. There will also be time for discussion and sharing of ideas.


If you are interested in taking a deeper look at the issue of climate change, the documentary Before the Blood is highly recommended. Here is a description of it found on the below website: Before the Flood is a collaborative project between some of the most recognised names in Hollywood in conjunction with National Geographic. Spanning a course of three years, the film follows actor Leonardo DiCaprio as he examines the impact of global warming in various locales around the globe. The film documents the significant effects this phenomenon has on climate change while also discussing mankind’s potential to reverse them. With the goal of instilling a sense of urgency in its viewers, Before the Flood aims to encourage the common citizen to use their power to make the transition to a more sustainable society for the sake of the future of the natural world.  


On the top of the latest letter from CPJ it reads, “When we experience how vast and beautiful creation is, we are learning about the Creator at the same time.” We can experience the creation around us in many ways by getting outside. But there is also so much more to God’s handiwork!

Watching episodes of Planet Earth 2 is a great way to see the amazing and abundant ways God has formed and filled this world.