I Don't Want To...Serve

"It is more blessed to give than to receive.” (Acts 20:35, Jesus) I find myself in a short series of blogs posts (this is now #3) on the theme of "I Don't Want To..." I have previously blogged about "I Don't Want To...Believe" and "I Don't Want To...Change." This post is on the theme of "I Don't Want To...Serve"... Read More


I Don't Want To...Change

Recently I wrote a blog post entitled "I Don't Want To Believe." I can undestandt something thinking that either that is counter-intutitive or bordening on being "blasphemous" (or maybe both at the same time!). "I don't want to believe" sounds blasphemous or maybe "anti-Christian" because it might seem that I am... Read More

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The Trouble With Christianity

After Pentecost Sunday (Mayi 20) I hope to start a new series of messages. These messages will seek to combine 2 elements: 1. A study of the books of 1 & 2 Peter (2 great little books / letters in the Bible!) 2. Answering questions that unchurched familly, friends, neighbours, colleauges, etc. have regarding... Read More

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I Don't Want To Believe

Sometimes it feels so hard to believe. Sometimes it take a lot of effort to believe all God promises us in His Word: that He exists, that He is in control, that He has forgiven all of my sins, that He has fully reconciled us to Him, one day: a whoe new creation! I feel the push and pull of our culture not to... Read More


The Season Of Lent

We are in the season of Lent. Lent is a seaons of about 6 weeks before Good Friday and Easter. The season of Lent is meant to be a very powerful, meaningful and formative season of the year. Unfortunately, in the past, I must confess that I have not paid much attention to Lent. To be honst I am not really sure... Read More


50 Years And Counting!

A couple of days ago I celebrated 50 years of life on this earth. 50 years seems like a good time for reflection. Here are some of my thoughts: 1. 50 Years Is Old?: I used to think that anyone older than 50 was "really old." Now that I have hit that milestone how young 50 years really is. 2. 50 Years Is Young:... Read More

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Religious Anonymous

I would like to start a new program for people recovering from religion. This would be very similar to "Alcoholics Anonyous" or "Gamblers Anonymous." And the story people would tell at those meetings might sound something like this: "Hi, my name is Johannes and I'm a religious person. I've been religious my whole... Read More

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Advent--What A Season!

We are well into the season of Advent. And what a season it is! On the one hand is the season of extreme busyness, anxiety, stress, consumerism gone wild, choclate (!!) and a seeming endless stream of concerts, parties, dinners and things to do. I am sure that some (many?) of us brace ourselves for this season and... Read More


Are The Youth Telling Us Something?!?!

For at least the last couple of years now the Sr. Youth grouip (grades 8-12) has used the word "Regeneration" as the name for their group. I am sometimes reprimended by some high schools who tell me: "We are not Sr. Youth. We are Regeneration." This past Sunday we are informed (and the news was received with a... Read More

Why I Love The Church, Part 1

Not everyone loves the church. Not every Christian believer loves the Church. In fact, there are time when I, even though I am a pastor, do not always love the church. But there are times when I sense a deep love and affection for the church--sometimes for the instituion but especially for the people. And one of... Read More