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  • We are starting a new series of Sunday morning messages focused on the life of (King) David [1 Samuel 16-1 Kings 2]. 
  • One of the resources we will be using is a book written by Eugene Peterson entitled "Leap Over A Wall: Earthy Spirituality For Everyday Christians"
  • Why call this series "Ordinary Time"?: (1) according to the church calendar we are now in "Ordinary Time" (until Advent 2022 begins); (2) we want to think about our "ordinary lives" and think how we can live "life in the Spirit" in our everyday living.
  • Through this series we hope to connect the Spirit and the common, Sunday morning and Monday morning, heaven and earth.
“Ordinary” doesn’t mean boring or second-rate but simply “everyday.” The Christian faith is not an otherworldly faith; it is about this creation, your life, these days. Ordinary Time gives us the space to consider all the implications of God’s salvation in Jesus Christ for our day by day, week-in, week-out lives." (Pastor Phil Reinders, Seeking God’s Face, pg 431)